• Inventa Therapeutics is a U.K. based Bio-Pharmaceutical company founded on the principal business model of developing novel molecules, utilizing proprietary technologies, to address the unmet clinical and patient needs in ways which improve the efficacy, safety, tolerability and in some cases the indications for use of the approved therapies.
  • Inventa aims to develop and commercialize New Molecular Entities (NMEs) by licensing and collaborating with discovery companies world-wide.
  • Our business model drastically reduces development risk, time and cost, generates early significant commercialization opportunities and rapidly builds shareholder value.
  • New Molecule Development is led by experts in the field
  • Inventa Therapeutics has a rapidly expanding patent portfolio

Latest News

17th February 2020, Nottingham, UK - Specialist drug development company Inventa Therapeutics Ltd (Inventa) has announced the completion of an exclusive license and collaboration deal with Cellix Bio Private Ltd (Cellix), a bio pharma company based in Hyderabad, India.

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