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About Inventa Therapeutics

Inventa Therapeutics is a U.K. based Bio-Pharmaceutical company founded on the principal business model of developing novel molecules, utilizing proprietary technologies, to address the unmet clinical and patient needs in ways which improve the efficacy, safety, tolerability and in some cases the indications for use of the original approved therapies.

At Inventa, unlock the latent potential of approved drug molecules by creating from them New Molecular Entities (NMEs) with improved pharmacokinetic, safety and efficacy profile in therapeutic areas of significant unmet need. Inventa's NME's are protected by a strong and expanding global IP portfolio.

The Inventa development pipeline is composed of compounds and compositions of matter utilizing a novel product design approach, which address the significant unmet clinical and patient centric needs of the currently approved drug molecule. This approach therefore enables Inventa Therapeutics to expedite clinical development, global regulatory approval and commercialization with relatively low development costs and potentially high reward.

Inventa's commercial strategy involves in-licensing therapeutic assets from established discovery and pharmaceutical companies world-wide to develop molecules to the clinical stage and thereafter licensing (or sub-licensing) at any stage of clinical development to global biopharma and pharma partners. The company's current development focus is on certain inflammatory and genetic indications. The Company expects to expand this to include oncology and respiratory diseases in the short to medium term.

Inventa's business model significantly reduces development risk, time and cost with the potential to generate early and significant commercialisation opportunities.